Specialty Inks

We Sell Refill Ink for Stamp Pads, Self-Inking, and Pre-Inked Stamps.

Custom Stamp & Engraving carries many types of stamp ink. This includes water based ink for stamp pads and Self-Inking Stamps, and oil based ink for Pre-Inked Stamps and Numbering Machines. All of these inks are designed to work best on plain or recycled paper. *Note: not all inks and stamps are compatible.

Specialty inks including fast drying, wash proof, invisible (ultra violet), and opaque inks are also available. More information on these inks can be found below.

If you would like to order some ink or need help, Contact Us for further assistance.

An Ink that Won't Smudge on Slick Surfaces

If you have a project where you have to stamp magazines, business cards, brochures, or anything with a non-porous (slick) surface, Super Marking Ink with a classic rubber stamp is the way to go.

The difference is that Super Marking Ink it is alcohol based rather than water based. Therefore the moisture in the ink evaporates much faster. The ink pad should be kept in a plastic, preferably resealable, bag when not in use to preserve the ink. If the pad does dry out, usually a very light application of new ink will reactivate the dried out ink.

An Ink for Fabric

Custom Stamp also carries what we call Indelible Ink meant for stamping onto fabric. It works best on bright colors like white and will not come out in the wash. Yes, it's permanent, so don't get it on your nice new shirt. You've been warned.

Opaque Ink for Dark Backgrounds

Custom Stamp supplies opaque inks suitable for dark backgrounds. We supply a number of colors available by special request. Opaque ink is fast drying like Super Marking Ink mentioned above, but works best on paper products. Due to low demand opaque ink is a special order item and will take about a week to arrive.

Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink (also know as Ultraviolet Ink) is invisible to the human eye. Only under a black light is the ink visible.

Pricing & Ordering

Please contact us using our Contact Us page so we can discuss the best ink for you.

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