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Custom Self Inking Stamps

Custom Stamp & Engraving carries Trodat Self-Inking units available in a wide selection of sizes (click here to learn more about Self-Inking stamp sizes). We stock Self-Inking units with square, rectangular, and circular die plates to match whatever layout you need. We also stock a large number of Self-Inking Date Stamps which contain rotatable date bands in the center.

They're Green:
Furthermore, many of our Self-Inking units are made from 70% recycled materials, which is pretty nifty.

An old rubber stamp Impression of an old stamp.
Custom Social Media Stamps

We Sell Custom Social Media Stamps

Custom Social Media Stamps are here! The fun and unique new way to promote yourself or your business.

Custom Stamp & Engraving Ltd. can take your Facebook page, Twitter page, or whatever, and put it on a custom stamp, either self-inking, pre-inked, or classic style (including the cool little icon). Get your social media page noticed with a custom stamp!

Custom QR Code Stamp

Custom QR Code Stamps

Additionally we also produce Custom QR Code Stamps (a code readable by smartphones).
Store an email, website, or street address, phone number, or whatever you need. Yet another cool way to promote your business.
Contact us for more details.

An old rubber stamp Impression of an old stamp.

* Note: Self-Inking Stamps are best for stamping paper only and will not work on non-porous surfaces like plastic. For more information please visit our Specialty Inks Page.

Why Choose a Self-Inking Stamp?

Convenience: There are a number of reasons why a Self-Inking Stamp is a great choice. The most obvious reason is convenience. Self-Inking stamps are compact, lightweight, and there's no need to carry an ink pad around because it's built right inside the unit.

Designed to Last: Another advantage of the Self-Inking stamp is their ridiculous ability to pass the test of time. Seriously it's a little scary. We've occasionally serviced Self-Inkers that are over 20 years old! The reason is because when the rubber die is worn out or needs new information, we can simply replace it. That way you pay only for the rubber die and save yourself from buying a whole new Self-Inking Stamp. Custom Stamp also carries all of the replacement ink cartridges and the appropriate inks to refill your stamp when necessary. This also means if at some point you decide you want your stamp to be a different color you can simply swap out the pad for a new one.

Pricing & Ordering

Customize Your Self-Inking Stamp

Or you can send us your design or wording via email so we can recommend the best Self-Inking unit for you.

You can also visit our Pricing Page to get a full list of sizes and pricing for our Self-Inking Stamps.

Lastly you can contact us using our Contact Us page if you have any questions.

An old rubber stamp An old rubber stamp

When Will my Self-Inking Stamp(s) be ready?

Typically we have a Self-Inking Stamp order ready within one business day. Of course, large orders may take longer depending on the quantity of stamps you need. Special order items that we don't stock can take from 1-3 weeks to arrive.

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