Custom Pre-Inked Stamps

We Sell Custom Pre-Inked Stamps

Custom Stamp & Engraving carries a wide range of customizable Pre-Inked Stamps.

Pre-Inked Stamps work similarly to Self-Inking Stamps (just press down to stamp) but are designed a little bit differently. We typically use them for custom designs that are on the larger side, or for designs that have a lot of fine details.

* Note: Pre-Inked Stamps are best for stamping paper only and will not work on non-porous surfaces like plastic. For more information please visit our Specialty Inks Page.

Why Choose a Custom Pre-Inked Stamp?

Size: So you want a Custom Self-Inking Stamp but your design is way too big to fit one huh? Don't fret! A Custom Pre-Inked Stamp will end your stamping woes. They come in a variety of sizes to fit those stamps on the larger side and basically function the same as Self-Inking.

Detail: If your logo or custom design has a lot of fine detail or small text, a Custom Pre-Inked stamp may be the right choice. We have been able to successfully produce 5pt text on a Pre-Inked Stamp. If you aren't familiar with what 5pt is... well, that's pretty small, almost too small to read.

Color: Lastly, our Custom Pre-Inked Stamps are available in a larger selection of colors upon special request. This includes fluorescent colors to really brighten things up!

Pricing & Ordering

Customize Your Pre-Inked Stamp

Or you can send us your custom design or wording via email so we can recommend the best choice for you.

You can also visit our Pricing Page to get a full price list guide for our Custom Pre-Inked Stamps.

Lastly you can contact us using our Contact Us page if you have any questions.

When Will my Pre-Inked Stamp(s) be ready?

Custom Pre-Inked Stamps are usually ready within 1-2 business days. Of course large orders may take longer depending on the quantity of stamps you need. Special order items that we don't stock can take from 1-3 weeks to arrive.

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