Custom Name Tags

We Make Custom Engraved and Full Color Name Tags!

Here at Custom Stamp & Engraving we love to make custom name tags. All kinds of name tags, on plastic, brass, and aluminum alike. We can engrave them right into the material, or we can print them in full color. A custom name tag is so much more than displaying a name, it's a unique and eye catching way to advertise yourself or your brand!

Engraved Versus Full Color Name Tags

Custom Stamp produces two very different types of custom name tags, Engraved and Full Color.

Laser and Rotary Engraved: Our custom engraved tags can either be laser engraved into materials such as wood or plastic, or rotary engraved with a blade into brass. Our engraved plastic tags are just like our laser engraved signs, the material has a surface color and a core color. The surface is engraved away revealing the core, hence you are left with a two color name tag. This style is best for logos and designs that look good in one color. Furthermore brass name tags are usually reserved for a name and title only.

Full Color: If your logo or design relies on it's colors than full color is your friend. Typically for best results we print on either a white plastic or white aluminum material. This means the background is white but it also means we can print a full bleed making the background whatever color you need. Additionally we carry gold and silver aluminum materials which can really help your tag pop. Both are also available in two tone, (meaning there is a main matte background plus a bright and shiny border).

The Color of Your Name Tag

Our Plastic Engraved Name Tags come in a variety of colors as shown below (These are for engraved tags only, NOT full color):

*Note that colors on screen are approximate.

Engraved Metals

Super fancy and shiny; you wont believe it's plastic:

Our Simulated Metal Material

Engraved Mattes

Smooth, stylish, and colorful:

Our Matte Laser Material

Engraved Textures

Withstands the outdoors, durable, and great for industrial use:

Our Textured Laser Material

Pricing & Ordering

Customize Your Engraved Tags

If you would like to place an order or ask us a question feel free to contact us using our Contact Us page.

Or you can send us your design or wording via email so we can help you design the perfect custom name tag.

When Will my Custom Name Tag(s) be ready?

Usually a Custom Name Tag order is ready within 1-3 business days. Of course large orders may take longer depending on the quantity of Tags you need. Special order materials that we don't stock can take from 1-2 weeks to arrive.

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